Nail Care Treatments

Maintenance Manicure      $25.00

Hydration Manicure          $30.00

Cuticle Care Manicure        $35.00

Hydration Spa Manicure    $30.00

Manicure Polish Refresh      $12.00 

Maintenance Pedicure         $35.00

Hydration Spa Pedicure       $45.00

Luxury Hot Stone Pedicure   $60.00 

Pedicure Polish Refresh         $18.00

Acrylic Full Set                    $55.00

Acrylic French Full Set          $65.00

Maintenance Fill                  $30.00

Hydration Spa Fill                $35.00

Rebalance                            $45.00

Shellac Polish Upgrade           $10.00

Shellac Polish Removal(w/service) $3.00

Shellac Polish Removal(w/out service) $5.00

Nail Art *Price per Consultation


Waxing Services

Eye Brow                                $18.00

Upper Lip                                $13.00

Chin                                        $15.00

Brow and Lip                           $28.00

Chin and Lip                            $25.00

Brow Lip and Chin                    $38.00

Cheek                                      $15.00

Under Arm                               $20.00

Basic Bikini                               $32.00

Extended Bikini                         $45.00+

Full Leg                                   $82.00

Upper Leg                                $46.00

Lower Leg                                $40.00

Toe                                          $6.00

Chest                                       $50.00

Stomach                                   $40.00

Back                                        $75.00

    Safe and sanitary waxing practices are Nicole's top priority! She uses Nufree soft soy wax and Satin Smooth Hard wax. You will never see her double dip her wax sticks so you can be assured of the cleanest service possible.


                         Skin Care Treatments


Be Cleansed

A simple and traditional cleansing facial

. Perfect to introduce teens to proper skin care.

Price $50 (45 Minutes)                                                                                                                                                             

Be Radiant

A facial that is specially customized to fit your

skin type. Enjoy relaxation along with results!


Price $60 (1 Hour)                                                                                                                            

Be Revived

The perfect combination of results and relaxation.

Includes a special mircroderm exfoliation, lightstim

LED treatment, and massage from head to toe!

Price $150 (90 Minutes) 

Be Timeless

Complete anti-aging treatment mixed with

luxurious relaxation. You will see immediate

results after just one ultrasonic session.  

Price $125 (90 Minutes)           


​Lightstim LED Treatment

An anti-ageing treatment that stimulates

collagen and elastin, helps with fine lines,

and improves the radiance of the skin.

Best results if performed every 1-2 weeks.   


Price $40 (30 Minutes)

Price $150 Package of 5      



Services are available at our Sagamore ​location

hair salon